- CIFOn August 4, 2013, Columbus poet, activist and friend Elizabeth Ann James died in Columbus, Ohio.  This page is dedicated to EA, her life and work.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding poetry, pictures and other material.   If you would like to add your own thoughts and remembrances, please send them to marleygreiner@gmail.com and they will be added. 

A memorial service  for Elizabeth Ann will be held  Saturday September 7, 2013  from 1:00-4:00PM at the First Unitarian-


Church, 93 Weisheimer Rd, Columbus.


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  1. To this day, I remember the poem she wrote about Sabra and Shatila… she said she saw a photo, and there were dead bodies with oranges strewn about, and she realized nobody would eat the oranges. She punctuated her poem’s stanzas with “… and the oranges” and kept repeating it.

    This simple literary device had a tremendous impact on me, because it was just so humanizing and real. They eat the oranges, I eat the oranges, we all eat oranges. And the oranges were left uneaten.

    Whenever I hear about some massacre, some horror, some unbelievable brutality on that level, I always remember… “and the oranges”… and I am touched deeply, beyond description.

    That is the kind of thing that happens with great art… JG Ballard and James Baldwin and people like that have similarly moved me. I owe Elizabeth for that. May her soul rest in peace.

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