Memorial Service: September 7, 2013

Please help us celebrate Elizabeth’s life and work.  A memorial service will be held  Saturday1150394_223659457788183_94224488_n, Sept 7 from 1-4 pm, at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W Weisheimer Rd, Columbus, OH 43214.

I know it’s late, but if you cannot come to the service and you’d like to have your thoughts about her included, please email them to me at and I’ll make sure they get heard.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Service: September 7, 2013

  1. so sorry i cannot attend today. i am taking the jewish holidays off, which fall on work days, so, my thoughts are with you. liz, you lighted up our art studio for 3 years and you will always be in my heart !!! i am grateful that i got to be with you 2x a week at whetstone, not to mention parties and other fun times eating sweets and drinking coffee. i miss you very much and pray that you are now in good hands. love always, nancy

  2. i am struck by all the creative things you made out of what i thought was going into the recycle bin…, dolls, dancers, glitter and beads….made into playful works of art. i miss your converstaions about famous poets, plays, dance and politiics. i am glad that we were on the same page with politics…especially attending the second saturday salon when we could. thanks for being in my life and i wish i could give you a ride today. love, nancy

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