Photo: Elizabeth the teacher


Elizabeth Ann identified herself as a writer, specifically a poet. Over the years she was involved with — indeed, organized — several small groups of writers and poets. She encouraged, listened, read, and challenged in workshops, poetry readings and other gatherings. Now, when I think back, I realize she had remained the same person who, 70 years ago, gathered us little kids together and read a story to us.

Photo and text courtesy of Jill Carter Knuth



Photo: Elizabeth, Jill, and the Bronte poem quilt


Elizabeth Ann and I didn’t see each other often after I moved to California, but we collaborated on a few projects: I illustrated “Lena Bernice: Her Christmas in Wood County, 1895” and typeset “Death in Ohio”. The poem “Ivory” inspired a small stitchery. The Bronte quilt poem was a family project. I drew the text on the fabric, our Aunt Dorothy cross-stitched the border, and my mom, Wilda, did the hand quilting.

Photo and text courtesy of Jill Carter Knuth